August 5, 2015

Just take a minute

We have been having ridiculous blue sky days here in Ohio. Breathtakingly beautiful sunny days without a raindrop in sight. That means that the farmers are already complaining here in my neighborhood. But for me, a mom whose heart can get weary with too much bad news and too many goodbyes, it is like medicine to my soul. I am trying to drink it in. I sit on the porch in my bare feet-I read somewhere you should let your feet touch the earth. ” Oh mom you are sounding like a hippie, ” a child growls at me. Yes child, the older we get the stranger we get I guess. I am not wearing a purple hat yet but I won’t rule it out!

We need to take care of ourselves, we mothers and grandmothers. We carry a load. I thought it would get lighter. But now I realize the older I get the more people I have to love. And when those loved ones are traipsing around the world in a dangerous occupation, leaving their own babies behind-it is a heavier weight in that momma backpack I am always carrying. So on beautiful bluebird days I will look to the light and drink it in so it can sustain me on the dark days.

I must do this. I must recharge my batteries. I invite you to take some time-even just a minute to do it too. You really must. Here, take a minute and sit with me.

summer kitchen

9 thoughts on “Just take a minute”

  1. As usual, you hit the nail on the head with your blog. I find that for myself, temporary inner peace comes from observing nature whether on my porch or in the woods . Nature puts things in perspective, doesn’t it? Plus it is a temporary reprieve from contemplating things that worry us military Moms. Thank you for wonderful blog.

  2. Thank you for stating what my heart feels & my soul reflects when I sit in my quiet places.This is why I run with wear blue:run to remember, albeit a turtle through peanut butter, for a friend’s husband & a friend’s son. Again thanks for giving credibility to the pack carried along with the pride for our son serving.

  3. Thank you so much for such a simple post, yet it’s what I needed today. We send another son in to the hands of the Marine Corps on Monday. Sometimes it’s more than this Mama’s heart can take. So happy I found your book and blogs. Thank you!

  4. My mom taught me the lesson about being a grandmother. She said when your grandchild is in crisis you have 2 people you are very concerned about: your grandchild AND your own child. So the burden is doubled. I had never thought about it until then but now I TOTALLY get it

    Move over on your bench,Elaine. I’m bringing my crocheting and taking my shoes off !!

  5. As I get ready to say goodbye to my son as he prepares for life as a navy seal – I wish the rest of my family could understand the burden and pain I carry. Thank you for giving me a place to rest my weary head!

  6. (Sorry this is so long.) OK, I survived seeing our oldest son off to his 1st deployment with the Florida National Guard. I tend to separate myself from something in order to deal with a hard situation. However, first they are in training for a month at an Army base in another state before heading to Africa for their mission, so maybe it just isn’t real to me, b/c he’s not on foreign ground yet. My son is excited, except for the part of being away from family. And I’m excited that he’s excited. My mom always said, “No matter how bad you think you have it, someone else has it worse off than you.” I know I’m not the only mother to go through this. We saw so many pregnant wives at the airport; my thoughts are with THOSE families – so many men who will miss the birth of their child. I can’t imagine what it’s like for them. I will get through this. I am proud of my son, but also looking around at all of those in uniform at the airport, I’m proud of all of them for signing up for US, for OUR country.
    My daughter-in-law and 15 mo. old grandson will live close by during the deployment so we can help support her. I am proud at how strong she was. She’ll get to go see my son one more time before he leaves for Africa. At this point, I’m not letting myself worry. I turned my son over to God about 10 years ago and haven’t taken him back yet. I have been letting God take care of him ever since.
    I know one thing, though. After enjoying your picture of the flowers, I WILL be planting those sunflower seeds I have had for 3 months! That will help seeing those blooms.
    Thank you all for your posts. I’ve been reading them for a while and letting all of you help me prepare, but I’m one of you now.

    1. Yes you are and we get it. Whatever it takes to get through….What a blessing to have your grandson close by-you and your daughter in law can lock arms together. And don’t forget us-your Sisterhood. We are right there with you. Africa, Asia, the Middle East, our hearts travel the world don’t they? I am glad God has us all.

  7. Thank you for this wonderful reminder! My daughter was commissioned into the Navy a year ago and is halfway through her first deployment. I just finished your book and it was exactly what I needed. It helped me to understand that what I am feeling and experiencing is normal and I am not alone. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

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