What Knits Us Together

I invite you to send pictures and stories of what fills the empty places in your heart-what holds you together and we will share them here with each other. Send to submissions@besafelovemom.com

Because of the Brave

Moda is proud to introduce a line of fabrics, Because of the Brave inspired by Tom and Stephanie Hove. Stephanie is a second generation salesperson for United Notions/Moda Fabrics and we have asked her to tell us a little bit about the inspiration behind this fabric line.

Learn more at Moda Fabrics

What’s on my Needles

Every stitch a prayer

I am not a master knitter-far from it. I began knitting on the bleachers to control my stress as players tried to smash my kid in smithereens . Now I knit to deal with the anxieties that come with being the mother of military service members. Knitting has become my go to therapy-a meditative form of contemplation where I can focus my prayers for their safety and well being. And along the way I just might make something to keep them warm or wrap a baby in. This holds me together in the roller coaster world we live in.

This project is a wrap sweater by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. The pattern is called Churchmouse Wee ones and is knitted with Koigu sock yarn. A confession—I cannot tell you the colors as I have a tendency to lose the labels since it takes me forever to actually finish something. My engineer daughter says that perhaps if I worked on one thing at a time it might help. But I prefer to have about five projects going at one! Now I am frantically trying to finish this for my granddaughter before she outgrows it!

Create Something Beautiful

I knit-but other mothers find their soul nurtured by gardening or painting. Still others find solace in quilting. Just like in knitting, every stitch becomes a prayer and a salute to the loved one who is far from home.

Get Moving!

Doing something physical can get rid of so much anxiety. I have trained for marathons, walked enough miles to get to their duty station. What ever works for you. And trust me you don’t have to be in great shape to feel better by just moving.

I included a story in the Sacrifice section of the book about Gold Star Wife Lisa Hallett. After her husband was killed in action in Afghanistan she founded Wear Blue: Run to Remember for the fallen, the fighting, and the families. You can see members all over the country in road races wearing the iconic blue t shirt.

Click here to learn more about her and Wear blue and get inspired.


Doing something for someone else helps us take the focus off of our worries. Whether it is care packages or working in our communities, the joy of service can help us to hold ourselves together.

Get Outdoors

Just getting away from hustle and bustle even for a brief moment can feed our souls. Breathe in and out-look at the stars. Give yourselves a few moments of calm. And if you are lucky enough to get away longer take time to take care of yourself and relax in the beauty of God’s creation.


My faith sustains me. When the darkness close in I look up to the heavens. i pray a lot-for so many things big and small. We each have our favorite images, prayers and verses that are meaningful to us.

My favorite prayer is Psalm 91-known as the Warriors Prayer.