Welcome to “Be Safe, Love Mom”

I wish I could have you all over for coffee. We would pull out our knitting, quilting or scrapbooking and just share like women have done for centuries. What would we talk about? Recipes, news from home, and our children and grandchildren would fill our conversations. And because we are Military Moms bound together by that yellow ribbon of service and duty to country, we would talk about our pride and our fears that fill our invisible backpacks we carry everywhere.

Here at www.besafelovemom.com I hope this will become virtual get together. We can be encouraged and support each other. We can have fun sharing what we are creating in our service members’ absence. We can inspire each other to go beyond, to learn to manage our empty nests and keep the home fires burning. We can encourage each other to be brave and to be strong.

We can learn about volunteer opportunities and ways to hold ourselves together. On our Mom-to-Mom page we can discuss how we cope or support our children. And we can hear other Mom’s voices as they share their journey as a Military Mom.

We won’t hide the tough stuff we moms might be dealing with. Information is the key to progress, so if you are struggling with bigger issues associated with military service we will try to provide resources and stories from moms who have lived though trials and made it to the other side.

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