“[An] invaluable handbook . . . For nonmilitary families, her work is a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who serve and by their loved ones. For military families, Brye’s book will comfort and inform.”
—Publishers Weekly

“A compassionate, insightful guide for military parents and the rest of us who are in their debt.”
—Kirkus Reviews

Be Safe, Love Mom is an honest and poignant account of all that one military mom has learned through her family’s extraordinary service to our country. In it, Elaine Brye generously shares her wisdom with families facing the complex challenges of having sons and daughters in our armed forces. As every mom knows, nothing gives comfort like the advice of a trusted fellow mom who has been through it all before, and Elaine’s book will provide encouragement and guidance to all who support loved ones in uniform.
—Dorothy McAuliffe, first lady of Virginia, USNA mom

“Elaine’s book belongs in every military home, but even more, deserves a place in every American home. Be Safe, Love Mom beautifully and accurately portrays the cathartic sacrifices that we make every day as military families. The lump in the back of the throat that we constantly fight back as we are simultaneously laughing, grinning with pride, and desperately wishing for a joyous last moment to never end. Every mother of a military child who reads this will nod her head knowingly, grateful that someone was able to understand what she faces and share it on her behalf.”
—Lisa Hallett, cofounder and president, wear blue: run to remember

“This is a story for all families—that of a nurturing, loving mom who watches her children grow and learns when to let go. For a generation tempered by the horrors of September 11, two wars, and terrorism, Be Safe, Love Mom reminds us that military sacrifices aren’t just on the battlefield, but in our homes. Her poignant stories of courage will move you, the honor of these brave men and women in uniform will inspire you, and the book will reaffirm your faith in our wonderful country.”
—Steve Scully, senior executive producer and political editor, C-SPAN Networks

“Whether your child has just been shipped off to boot camp, taken the oath at a service academy, or been deployed yet again, there is no respite from the worry you feel. Be Safe, Love Mom is a must-have manual for families of active duty military members that reads like a letter from a dear friend. Compassionate yet practical, it will embolden and encourage those of us who love our nation’s warriors.”
—L. Anne Babb, PhD, traumatic stress expert and recipient of The Jefferson Award for Public Service