Mom to Mom

Where would we be without the bonds of the Sisterhood? The advice we receive from each other is invaluable –there is just something about that Mom to Mom connection that is comforting. We started leaning on each other when we first became mothers and it is no different now. This Military Mom journey can be tough and filled with obstacles. But there are Sisters who have walked before who can show us the way.

MOMILIES: Shared wisdom from the Sisterhood

What do we do when we have a question in this world of military parenting? Ask another mom, of course. Here we will share nuggets of wisdom, stories of overcoming, and working through the Military Mom journey. If you have advice to share please send to

Nuggets of Wisdom

From a Marine Mom
Military Mom Hokey Pokey
Taking care of other moms’ sons and daughters

Stories of Overcoming

“I would still go through hell for my children”
Momma Mental Sanity
Surviving Basic Training
Surviving USAFA BCT

Working through the Military Mom Journey

A proud Army Mom writes
Destined to Serve
It’s Classified
The Navy Mom Backpack