May 12, 2015

Come Run (Waddle) With Me!

In Be Safe, Love Mom I tell the stories of sacrifices. Some of them are the daily rocks in your shoe variety that can build up over time. Others are much deeper, that cut to the heart. One of those stories is that of Lisa Hallett, Marathoner, Ironman Triathlete, mom of three, Gold Star Widow and a founding member of  wear blue run to remember.

Every day thousands of runners step out to run to honor the fallen, the fighting, and the families-and that includes the mommas. Whether you stand with a flag in a Memorial Mile at a marathon, run in a local road race, attend a Saturday morning meet up, or just step out there and walk with a name in your heart that you wish to honor, you are a member of the community. No fundraising, nothing fancy-you just are making a commitment of your steps.

Every year in honor of Memorial Day there is a special push to make Memorial Day count by logging miles in honor of so many valiant heroes. All you have to do is sign up and promise to walk, run, or in my case waddle a distance you determine on Memorial Day. You may live near a group you want to join or you may go it alone like me.  I most likely will be trudging up and down the farm driveway. There is a link on the wear blue website where you can sign up to commit your miles

We know that Memorial Day is more than picnics. Let’s take some time to make our steps count. I would love to hear the Momma mileage and who you are running for. This year I will be running for my daughter’s great friend Valerie C Delaney . I will also be running for all the Gold Star Moms. I think about them every day but especially on Memorial Day.

And one more thing-its funny how miles can turn tears into smiles when you are missing your sons and daughters. Onward.




One thought on “Come Run (Waddle) With Me!”

  1. Meaningful words
    Meaningful steps
    Meaningful lives
    Meaningful Moms who show up and participate in life every day.
    God bless you my friend.
    Sending love.

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