May 10, 2015

Happy Mother’s Day!

From the moment we knew we were a mother we became superheros. We would give our lives for our babies.We worked day and night with superhuman strength meeting their every need. Sleep? Who needs it? We learned to juggle practice, work, baking a dozen cupcakes out of three ingredients, and cleaning baseball pants (WHY ARE THEY ALWAYS WHITE?) We made costumes, cooked dinners without being home that could be eaten in the car, found poster board at 6 am for forgotten projects, and sat on bleachers in the rain for at least a million hours. Ok maybe that is an exaggeration-it was more like five thousand hours.

Now many of our babies have grown up and flown the coop. They are far away this Mother’s Day standing watch ready to give their lives for us. How did this happen? They were just three and asking us to pin a cape on their back for them? Now they are all grown up.

I know that this can be another one of those hard days when you are apart from your military child-when you hope that the mail will bring something or the phone might ring. Maybe they are too far away for that to happen. If so I want you to look for the joy and remember the pride in their service. Do something special for yourself today. You raised heroes who are giving back to our nation. You are the reason we have young men and women we can depend on. You really are a super hero-where would we all be without you? Happy Mother’s Day!moms-poster


3 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Thank you for all your encouraging and funny words, both here and in your book! Happy Mother’s Day to you!!

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