November 19, 2015

We Have Been Here Before

Be Not Afraid.

Those are the words of a favorite family hymn. I sang it at my grandfather’s funeral and then again at my father’s funeral. Those are also the words the angels spoke when they appeared. Words of comfort-we are here with you.

In the past few days the world seems topsy-turvy.  I know for many military moms this is a time of great unknowns and upheaval. What does this all mean for our children? Many of you were quite young during 9/11-at least too young to have children in service. I do not believe these events are the same as 9/11, but the emotions of shock and horror feel similar. As a new military mom I had no idea what to expect. Everything changed as we moved from peace to war. Then life got busy as we moved to supporting our troops and we did not have time to focus on ourselves.

I want to take you back even further when I was a teenager living as a military brat in Germany. We were under attack then. There were terrorist bombings at bases, kidnapping of military personnel, and warnings. This is nothing new. There is evil in the world. There is the need for those to defend us against evil. And that is why our children have been called to serve-to protect us against evil seen and unseen.

Have confidence in them-our warriors who are the best trained in the world. Have confidence in the intel work they do. Have confidence in the One who holds us all in His Hands. If you feel shaky, get on your knees, pray and remember all of us together locking arms, lifting up each other, our troops, our nation, and our world.

At the Place de la Republique in Paris Photograph via Ian Bremmer on Twitter

Be Not Afraid.

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