October 18, 2015

The Lost Blog

As I learn to navigate the world of WordPress stuff happens-this was supposed to be on my “What Knits You Together” Page. That page is where I celebrate those projects that represent hours of prayer, and anxiety turned into creativity as we wait for Homecomings. Why work on something? Because anxious hearts and minds seem to calm when fingers fly-our pioneer great grandmothers knew that. Hours spent quilting, sewing, and knitting have calmed mothers’ hearts for decades as they have waited for the men to return. Now as we wait for daughters and sons we can find solace and therapy as well. Not a crafter? I suggest you find something you can immerse yourself in to bury those worries for a while. It makes such a difference.

The “What Knits You Together” Page is not just for my projects and not just for knitting. My hope is that you will send in your projects to share as well-what ever calms your heart. It might even be a 5 K medal!  If you have a photo of something to share, please send it to submissions@besafelovemom.com and look for it under “What Knits Us Together”. I would love to add it to the collection.

I began this wrap sweater I described earlier when my son left on deployment #9 for this Momma. He has been back for a while (and is gone again!)  but with all the hectic pace of releasing the book I just got it finished. The finishing is the hardest part for me-just like the last half mile of a 5 K or the last two months of a deployment. I get tired! But here it is and I am thrilled to report it actually fits a human-our gold standard of success. And I think she likes it. The pattern is by Churchmouse Yarns -the Baby Wrap Sweater. Projects like these (and little faces like this ) help hold me together through the long months of waiting ..every stitch a prayer. And now that we are on the next deployments-well I have several new projects on the needles of course!smaller emelia

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  1. I have taken up photography, finding the beauty in the world. Maybe I can find a way to share some of my pictures. BTW, I love that smile and the sweater! So Cute!

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