February 11, 2015


As a member of the military extended community it is important to understand OPSEC –one of the million acronyms used in the military. In this case it stands for operational security or in basic terms keeping our service members safe. In WW II days a favorite saying was “ Loose lips sink ships.” It is at another level now with internet security. We need to do what we can to keep private information private.

On this site if you are a contributor we won’t post your last name. If you send in a photo of your child in uniform make sure last names are blacked out. We also reserve the right to edit submissions or delete comments that are not within OPSEC guidelines.

Here is a set of easy to understand OPSEC Rules written by Marcella Stretch of Parents of Deployed- Service Members Facebook group. Thanks Marcella for your permission to use these guidelines. Also remember to follow the guidance of the military command your child is attached to. If they release information or photos they are public access.