September 17, 2015

NIkky, I’m coming home

We watch those homecoming videos with tissues clutched in our fingers. We know that they will make us weep but we watch anyway. Because when we have said goodbye, we need to watch them come home-we need to watch someone’s loved one come home. It doesn’t have to be ours. That opportunity to virtually experience the joyous reunion means that we will have ours someday soon. We will. We count on it.

My talented photographer daughter in law Tonya has captured many of these lovely homecomings. She has a special eye for zeroing in on the beautiful moments of a reunion. She should. She has said goodbye four times now and soon will be saying goodbye again. As a strong Marine wife she knows what it means to wait and anticipate. Her heart is in each photo she takes. So when Nikki asked her to be part of this special homecoming and agreed to let me share it I jumped at the chance to share it with you.

Six months of a family waiting with anticipation for dad to come home. Delay after delay, and finally ……

It’s Homecoming time!!!!


The family waits expectantly……12010758_927561153983612_3185525475246686589_o



Mom I see him!


Dad’s coming in!


Run, Mom, run!


He’s here! I can see him!


Home at last!


Daddy’s home!


Hey Buddy Remember me?


Momma’s turn


Pure Joy


We are a family together at last



Thanksgiving for all who returned home safely and special prayers for all these families as they reunite. Thank you to Nikky for sharing these special moments with us and for your service on the homefront; and to all those families who wait expectantly. We appreciate your service. Hang onto these images-we will have our homecomings. We will. Our hearts are set on it.

Thanks to Brye Photography for sharing these special images. To see more photos visit

2 thoughts on “NIkky, I’m coming home”

  1. Beautiful photos!! Thank you for sharing!! Love the homecomings!! God Bless you Nikki as you will have to say ‘see ya later’ once again!! Be safe Marine, Be safe!

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