April 19, 2015


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I have not one but two kids that are coming home to the farm. Never mind that it is just for 36 hours. As my Marine Mom friends say “ Boots in the house!” It’s time to celebrate and that means it is cookie time!

Make no mistake I have made a zillion dozen cookies in my lifetime. Bake sales, after school snacks,lunch box treats, my cookie sheets deserve a medal for the time they have spent in my 30 year old oven. But with an empty nest and the need to watch my calories and blood sugar I just don’t make cookies anymore unless a kid deploys or comes home.

Why cookies? Cookies are mother love in two bites. They say I love you so much I will make these from scratch and watch over them like a hawk like I did when you were babies. These cookies represent years of support when you had a bad day or when I wanted to remind you at school I was there for you. And when you were deployed I would eat Pringles just so I could have the cans to pack the cookies in. ( Ok maybe a little artistic license here-I do love Pringles.)

Food is the language of a mothers love. Just ask any Italian Momma! And when we can get our children’s feet –boots or no boots-under our table it is pure joy. One of the hardest things about being a military mom is the forced separations especially when you really need them to be home-holidays, weddings, funerals. And all those events seem to revolve around food, don’t they, especially here in the Midwest.

We have a section here on the website called Cooking with Care. I would love to share your special recipes for care packages or homecomings. Just send me an email at submissions@besafelovemom.com.

And if you will excuse me I have cookies to take out of the oven! This is one happy momma!
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One thought on “Jubilation!”

  1. Emma wants some cookies! All checked in and ready to fly out tomorrow 🙂 Make sure the brothers don’t eat them first!

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