April 29, 2016

Being Strong

You have to be strong to make someone strong…

I love the reminder in this video looking forward to the Summer Olympics

Thank you Mom-Strong

Some days we don’t feel very strong. In our weaker moments we let fear and worry take over. It is good to remember how strong we really are. After all it takes strength to let go of our children to a dangerous world, especially when they are the ones at the point of the spear.

I started to make a mental list after watching this. How many times did I push back my fear to make sure my children were safe. No I did not lift cars off  them with super human strength. But there were times it felt like it. I am sure you have your own list too. Write it down. Focus on it. That’s what I am doing today to remind myself how strong and brave I really am.

After all in the words of Winnie the Pooh:


One thought on “Being Strong”

  1. I also try to remember that I cannot eliminate storms for my children, so I try to help them learn ways to stay afloat!

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