March 9, 2015

What’s on my Needles

Every stitch a prayer

I am not a master knitter-far from it. I began knitting on the bleachers to control my stress as players tried to smash my kid in smithereens . Now I knit to deal with the anxieties that come with being the mother of military service members. Knitting has become my go to therapy-a meditative form of contemplation where I can focus my prayers for their safety and well being. And along the way I just might make something to keep them warm or wrap a baby in. This holds me together in the roller coaster world we live in.

This project is a wrap sweater by Churchmouse Yarns and Teas. The pattern is called Churchmouse Wee ones and is knitted with Koigu sock yarn. A confession—I cannot tell you the colors as I have a tendency to lose the labels since it takes me forever to actually finish something. My engineer daughter says that perhaps if I worked on one thing at a time it might help. But I prefer to have about five projects going at one! Now I am frantically trying to finish this for my granddaughter before she outgrows it!