March 22, 2015



From the moment we know we are expecting we Mommas begin to dream. Girl or boy, sweet or sassy-our minds begin to contemplate and look forward to the day that we first meet them. Baby days lead into toddlerhood and we begin to get a sense of who they are becoming. Looking back I now see signs that were indicators of what was to come. Some were blatant-” Mom, I am going to be Top Gun, ” spoken by the then four year old. And yes now he is an FA/18 pilot. Others were more mysterious. Some of us were maybe shocked when our children told us they wanted to serve. But there are a number of you who had a son like mine with a laser focus that held firm throughout his childhood.

In “Be Safe Love Mom” We hear from other moms and stories of their journeys. We all have a story to tell of how we became enlisted to serve on the home front. Today I would like to share from a Navy mom:

“I remember the day Kevin told me he wanted to go to USNA like it was yesterday. He was 8 years old and in the 3rd grade-2 years before 9/11. We were driving home from soccer practice and he said to me, “I want to apply to a unique high school. They have NJROTC and I want to go to the Naval Academy”. My first thought, but of course I never vocalized it, was “you’re an 8 year old little boy playing war games”. Instead I said to him, “you’re in 3rd grade, we will talk about this more when you get into middle school and have to start thinking about high school”. Fast forward 3 years, and we are at the pediatrician for his yearly sports/school physical. The pediatrician recommends I take him to the eye doctor because his vision isn’t 20/20. My son, who is as tough as nails, breaks down and starts crying. He is so concerned that now because his vision isn’t 20/20 there goes his chances to get into the Naval Academy. Kevin gets into MAST, excels academically and in NJROTC, gets an ROTC Scholarship to Villanova, and an appointment to the U.S. Naval Academy, chooses the Academy, service selects Navy Pilot, graduates with Merit, and is now weeks away from winging as a helicopter pilot in the U.S. Navy. Talk about an 8 year old’s dreams coming true.”

We are so proud of who they have become-that pride fuels us on days when we miss them so much. I would love to hear about your wonderful military children and share your stories (within OPSEC guidelines of course!) You can send them to What else do moms do when we are together but talk about our fantastic children ? 🙂

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