February 22, 2019

Coming Soon:How to Thrive

It’s not easy to be a military mom. We worry, no only about our military children but for their families as well. This is especially true for our children’s spouses. They bear the brunt of life at home when our kids are doing their duty.
I probably don’t have to tell you that this life presents its own set of unique parameters. From finances to parenting to deployments to friendships, being a military wife can be challenging, can’t it? When I was approached to participate in a series to lift up military spouses, I just could not say no. The good news is that with the right information and support, wives (and moms) CAN do it all with ease and grace: cope with stress, create deep friendships, build a healthy family, run a business, and THRIVE!
My friend, military wife Tayler Cathrine, is on a mission to show you how … and to that end, starting February 25, she’s hosting a complimentary interview series, Thriving Military Wife: Giving Hope, Encouragement and Tips to Thrive as a Military Wife. It brings together more than 20 experts, including me, to share advice on how to have it all. Reserve your spot at no cost, here: Thriving Military Wife
Become The Best Version Of You, And Thrive!
When you go to the link above and sign up to join us for this series of powerful conversations, you’ll gain a variety of perspectives on and strategies for navigating through all of life’s challenges with confidence, support, and fun.
From finances to parenting and deployments to careers, you’ll walk away inspired, armed with tools and strategies to ensure you don’t lose yourself—and that you have what you need to thrive. And don’t forget to share with other moms and wives who may need a boost or some tools to navigate this journey.
Tayler is the perfect person to host this interview series. As a Navy spouse for more than eight years, she knows all military spouses are handling unique circumstances, and it’s her mission to help each and every one improve their lives and relationships.
That’s why she created Thriving Military Wife—for women who want to be better wives, parents, friends, and entrepreneurs.
You can view the interviews from anywhere on any device, and you can reserve your spot here, now: Thriving Military Wife
Advice And Wisdom You Can Use Now.
Create success in your marriage, friendships, finances, and career!
To YOUR success,
Elaine Lowry Brye
P.S. I’ve seen the all-star lineup of expert speakers for this series. I plan to watch as well as speak! Join us for Thriving Military Wife starting February 25 by reserving your spot here: Thriving Military Wife
Find Encouragement, Here.


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