May 13, 2015

Surviving USAFA BCT

I have a freshman at USAFA and this is what I did to make it through Basic Training last summer and through this first year:

First off, the house was just too quiet when my last norm went to Basic Training! I found solace and comfort in praying for him daily. I knew things were completely out of my control any longer, but I did know Who saw what he was going through and Who was by his side the entire time. I also found peace in writing a letter practically every day. When my son received my letter, he knew I was thinking about him and that I had stopped what I was doing in my day to tell him I loved and was rooting for him, to tell him what was going on at home, and to let him know that he was in my prayers. I also brought him up in conversation a lot. All of these things helped me get through the “no contact period” and have continued to get me through this freshman year at USAFA since I don’t talk to him much. He knows I love him and am here for him always as his goal to serve his country is realized. I couldn’t be prouder.1275916357-som4-528x326

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