June 1, 2015

Military Mom Hokey Pokey

As I am writing this my son is headed home! So happy I can’t stop smiling and saying hello to every stranger on the streets. Can’t remember feeling this free in that last 10 months. He even called very early this morning. What a great way to start the day! Ten minutes into the conversation he says to me ” Mom, do you have time to talk?” I thought that’s what we were doing. So, I know that he has something very important on his mind.  I of course say you bet buddy! What’s on your mind? Oh please , please let it be good! Perhaps, go pick out ring for me to give to the love of my life at the pier when we pull in? That would work for me!!!! Instead he says” Mom, I need you to understand that while we were deployed I chose to re-up  for 4 more years”. Mom, it’s the right thing to do. I just had to. You do understand don’t you? After all you always told me no quitting allow, you have to see things through all the way through!” UGH! did I really say that? But, I say to my first born ” Of course honey, I understand, and I support your decision and I am so proud of your choice, whatever you need from me you have it completely, and unconditionally.” Then he says, ” could you please let dad know?” You bet buddy!  So, yesterday, I took a few bricks out of my military mom backpack. After all he was a short-timer! Only 18 months to go! Today, I put those bricks back in plus a few more. Can’t imagine saying goodbye again, and possibly this next time around he could be leaving a wife and children as well. It felt good to have a lighter load if only for a day. This reminds of the Hokey Pokey, you put your hellos in , you take your goodbyes out, you put your hellos in etc, etc, etc….. Let’s all continue to pray for peace, and for all our brave young men and women, who do what they are called to do. And let’s continue to face each day with Faith, Hope, and Grace, even when some days it seems almost impossible.

Submitted by Michelle

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